“I am deeply honored to be working with Jeffrey Khaner, my former teacher and lifelong friend and mentor, at Curtis Summerfest. When I came to Curtis I was just twelve years old and was fortunate to have two magnificent musicians as my teachers, Julius Baker and Jeffrey Khaner. For about two years, I had two lessons per week, focusing on repertoire with Julius Baker and etudes with Jeffrey Khaner. As Jeff put it, “Mr. Baker forgot you’re twelve and haven’t done a lot of etudes yet,” so he put me through my paces with four etudes a week. One of the many important things I learned from Jeff was about how to arrive at an interpretation of the music. Rather than instructing me how specifically to play a phrase, he taught me how to approach the music and understand the phrasing on my own. I internalized this key lesson and try to emulate this concept in my own teaching.”  -Mimi Stillman


Photo of Jeffrey Khaner, Mimi Stillman, and Julius Baker (c. 1997) courtesy of Mimi Stillman.