Get to know Jeffrey Khaner

Jeffery Khaner serves as principal flute for the Philadelphia Orchestra, and has been onJeffrey Khaner the Curtis faculty since 1985. Get to know Mr. Khaner himself, who has been teaching the Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class this past week.

1. What is the most memorable part of your career?

Playing in great orchestras with the finest musicians in the world has been and continues to be a never-ending source of inspiration, awe, and pride…

2. Are there other composers/artists you feel a special affinity for and whose music you like to play and record? Who are they?

I like to try and make whichever composer I am playing at any given moment my favorite composer! My job is to try to put myself in the head of the composer and let the audience understand what s/he is trying to convey.

3. What languages do you speak?

English and some French

5. What is your favorite non-music-related thing to do?

Travel and eat (which go well with my job) and ski.

6. What advice do you have for young, aspiring musicians?

Have a dream, practice hard, think even harder, and don’t give up!


Feature photo courtesy of Tomoji Hirakata, Yamaha Artist Services, Inc.

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