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Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class

Chamber Music and Orchestra for Adults

Chamber Music for Adult Musicians

“The intellectual and musical challenges of playing with others were so interesting…I think I’m hooked!”
“Through my experience at Curtis Summerfest I gained many strategies for preparing a piece that I’ve used over the past year in my teaching. It’s always wonderful to hear new ideas and to be able to pass those new ideas on to students.”
Marta, music educator
“I had an incredible time and sure you will have a wonderful experience too! All of the coaches, students and participants were absolutely fantastic to work with and I learned so much!
“This was a spectacular experience! … thoughtfully scheduled and configured … perfect set-up for maximum enjoyment and learning in a compact format in a great setting. The staff were all incredible: enthusiastic, helpful, organized. The coaches were encouraging and supportive. I (and my group) got so much out of this. I hope I am able to do it again.”
Julia, participant '14
“I’m still amazed of all the help I got and what I was hearing in my own playing. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…I never had any hope that I could approach this level.

Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class

Jeffrey Khaner is a phenomenal teacher. I think he’s really amazing. He’s all about the little nuances in the music and the little details. He really pushes musicality and style, and I think that’s really important. I’ve gotten that from other teachers but he just has a way of teaching that makes it so interesting, to the music and also to the work ethic that it takes.
Anthony, performer '14
The Jeffrey Khaner Flute Class that is part of Curtis Summerfest was a wonderful experience. As an adult amateur student serious about studying flute, the opportunity to audit a class with Mr. Khaner was amazing. Mr. Khaner’s teaching style was great, I learned a ton, and also had a lot of fun. The Curtis Summerfest staff were also very supportive and helpful, which made this experience truly memorable. I would highly recommend this class to serious students interested in experiencing a focused world-class education.
Gina, auditor '14
Jeffrey Khaner and Mimi Stillman are my musical heroes. Meeting Mr. Khaner completely changed my perspective in life as a musician. His ideas on Mozart (which I played at the masterclass) was simply remarkable. Mimi Stillman was one of the kindest and most inspiring musicians I have ever met in my life. She is an accomplished soloist and chamber musician, which I greatly admire. Her Debussy Project was an international sensation! The people I met at Curtis are the future of classical music; the brightest young minds in the world. At Curtis, I had the time of my life.
Joanne, performer '14
I decided to participate in Mr. Khaner’s master class as one of several learning opportunities to support my intensive and serious “re-entry” back to playing after almost thirty years of not touching the instrument. Although I was initially nervous to be in the same room with the very talented Mr. Khaner, I soon learned that he was kind, helpful, and funny. Everyone was having fun! I had elected to audit the course, which allowed me to learn without anxiety. I was surprised to learn that I was familiar with most of the works that were discussed; I had loaded these onto my iPad so that I could follow along. I took copious notes, so that I didn’t miss or forget any of Mr. Khaner’s wonderful comments; I refer to these notes regularly. I found the week-long session to be exactly what I needed to begin to fine-tune my technique. Best of all: I finally learned how to play softly, which has been a long-standing issue for me. … This was a precious and unforgettable experience.
Terri, auditor '13